SCOOP Solar Collectors made of Polymers

The availability of resources and rising prices of the raw materials copper and aluminum lead to the application of alternative materials in the solar thermal industry. Can polymeric materials fulfill the requirements of solar thermal applications?

The goal of SCOOP is to select and develop suitable polymer grades and collector designs for flat plate collectors for building integration as well as thermosiphon systems.

The work packages include a comprehensive assessment of the market, costs and scale effects, the selection and optimization of polymeric materials for injection moulding and extrusion as well as a continuous qualification of new materials, absorbers and components.

The installation of demonstration systems will show the results of the optimization of materials, technical designs and system concepts for the application of polymers in solar thermal systems.


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    Ewald Selvicka, office@aee.at
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    12.2011 - 05.2015
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    243.167 €