Offene, Sensorfusion-basierte Steuerung von Straßenbeleuchtung in Siedlungsgebieten zur Erhöhung der Energieeffizienz

In urban areas public spaces are illuminated during the night. It results in an increased level of safety, but contributes significantly to the overall power consumption and costs of cities. In addition, the light quality is inadequate especially in resid


  • Projektnummer
  • Koordinator
    SWARCO FUTURIT Verkehrssignalsysteme Ges.m.b.H.
  • Projektleitung
    Thomas Novak, novak.futurit@swarco.com
  • Förderprogramm
    Energieforschung (e!MISSION)
  • Dauer
    05.2015 - 04.2017
  • Budget
    661.794 €